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Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter Strike Global offensive Counter Strike Global offensive Counter Strike Global Offensive The Counter Strike Global Offensive Game

The Counter Strike Global Offensive 

The Counter Strike Global offensive is a multiplayer first person shooter video game  that has been developed by Hidden Path Entertainment along with valve Corporation.It is the fourth game in the main Counter Strike franchise. Read more to know about the game.

What does the game feature

The game features classic ready to use content with new and refurbished versions of the classic maps, brand new maps, different characters and game modes.The game was developer for Microsoft Windows.Play Station. OS X , Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 In August 2012.The Linux version  was released in September 2014.

The game play

The Game is the CS Go  is similar to the previous games in the Counter Strike series.It is an Objective based game which is a multiplayer first person shooter game.The players would need to pay as one of the two teams – The Terrorists and the Counter terrorists.Both the two teams would have different objectives.You as the terrorists would need to plant the bomb and have it to explode  or to protect the hostages.The Counter terrorist group  would have to prevent  the bomb from being planted and exploding and also be on the mission to rescue the hostages. All players would have the opportunity to purchase different kind of weapons and equipments with their money that would be awarded to them based on their performance in the initial rounds. The winning rounds would earn more money and the team who achieves the objectives like killing enemies would also earn more money. Any kind of negative actions like killing teammates will result in penalty and losing points and money.

The best online game in town

CS Go is known to support match making for all online game modes and is provided through the steam software. It also runs the Valve anti cheat to help prevent hackers in competitive modes. Players would need to play strategically in the game because they do not have the ability to respawn.Each players would be matched with other players based on their different kind of skill sets.CS Go is known to have 6 different game modes that comprise of Casual, Competitive, Arms Race, Death match, Demolition and Weapons Course. The Weapons course is an offline action, whereas others can be played online as well as offline. The new series of CG Go has added new arms and ammunitions so that players find concentration in the game. This is one of the most adventurous and exciting online games that you can try out this weekend!

Platforms: PC Games

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