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Far Cry 4 Review

far cry 4 far cry 4 Far Cry 4 Review Far Cry 4 review


Far Cry game series of stories by the lovers of the game. In particular, Far Cry, 3. Season game with increased fan base. Far Cry is not only the story of the game 4 game at the same time the graphics are great, too. Far Cry 4, India and Pakistan clash in the Himalayan mountains, inspired by the title of fiction. The story of the game Nepal-Bangladesh, takes place in the Himalayan mountains. Geographically speaking, in this region at the start of an imaginary country which was arrogant and rich man, poor people in the country of exploitation.

far cry 4 Far Cry 4 Review far cry 4 review

A very emotional game

Is playing, his mother and father fought for this country, you animate a person dead. You have no weapons, clothing or food. Thanks to your father’s colleagues to survive success. Then the guerrillas, going up the mountain. The mountain guerrillas, fighting with relentless country Manager for the sake of freedom. Leaders of the guerrilla group gave you can participate to the different tasks you are developing yourself. Game levels progress, leaders of guerrilla groups clashed with each other, too. So the scenario is quite variable. That’s why players suffers inside. Some parts of the game is pretty hard to get through. For example, silently walk away as much as possible, after a security dog meat eating dog meat with the help you need to kill the arrow. For example, sometimes you need to kill the leaders quietly on tasks, you need to blow up a car on the road catching, fly through the air, you’ve got to go somewhere. I mean the game you succeed you have to bring down the country’s Government to gradually. The game has both action and policies. Another characteristic of Far Cry 4 play the multiplayer feature.

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