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What makes Garry’s Mod so interesting?

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox game that has been designed for PC, Mac and Linux. This whole game is based on the idea of building .Unlike most of the other games, you cannot win or lose in this game and there are no set objectives for the same.

What is Garry’s mod?

Garry’s mod is a sandbox physics game that has been created by Garry Newman. The game has been developed in his company Face Punch Studios and made into a standalone release with versions for MS Windows, Linux and PC. There are no predefined aims or goals in the game.

How to play the game

Garry’s Mod is listed as a full game, but the game mode sandbox has no certain objectives as such  and you as a player can manipulate rag dolls, furniture or props like shipping container and dumpster in the game. Props and sand dolls can be selected and then placed into the sandbox from any installed source engine game or from any other community created collection like PHX3 and civil protection model packs for rag dolls. The player can opt for an important tool on the game- the Physics gun. The Physics Gun allows the player to pick up the props and the rag dolls up, rotate them and then again freeze them in place. The Tool Gun is a multipurpose tool that can be used for performing various tasks like getting the props together, creating a variety of interactive buttons, creating winches and wheels that can be controlled. The tool can also be used to change the facial expression and pose the digits of the rag doll. You can also control and use adds ons that are created by the community that can only be accessed through the steam workshop.

Positive Reviews

Garry’s mod has received a lot of positive and overwhelming reviews by players. Though there are no predefined objectives, you can spawn objects and weld them together to create your own device. You can either do it offline, or join online and do it with a number of players together. This game is a tremendous creative game that has over 300000 models to choose from and download. You can choose from an assortment of guns that rainbow-tinged nuclear blasts from space, new tools and more. So collect your tools and make your own creative device in this great mind boggling game.

Platforms: PC Games

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