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Halo 5

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Halo 5 is a first person shooter video game that has been developed by 343 industries and has been published by Microsoft studios for X Box One Home theatre gaming console. The game has a very interesting plot

The plot of the game

Halos plot follows two fire teams of human super soldiers when the Blue team is suddenly absent. Without leave to track the artificial intelligence construct Cortana.The Master Chiefs loyalty is taken into question and the Spartan Locke along with Fire team Osiris are then sent, to rescue him.
How the game is played

Halo 5 is a first person shooter game where the players would experience the game through the eyes of a playable character. The camera swiftly switches to a third person view for some of the most amazing cinematic and thrilling effects and game play sequences. The game comprises of various core features of the game play experience and players step into a special powered armor of a Spartan soldier and control each and every actions of the character. The armor proves reflector shields that usually reduce while protecting the wearer from weapons and recharge after some time again. The Spartans can carry two personal weapons at a time and can exchange them for any other weapon at a time. They can also carry firearms. They may also throw grenades and use their weapons for pistol whipping. Some vehicles and mounted weapons can also be used. During cooperative game play, the players can assume good control of the Spartans and each Spartan has a different kind of skill and attribute. If any of the Spartan soldiers are damaged heavily, or is injured, a teammate must quickly go to their rescue before they die.

The setting of the game

Halo 5 has taken place just after Halo 4.The game comprises of Spartans who joined the teams as active members. The game is one of the most interesting games that have been set in a well planned environment with a good back ground and theme. For the first time in Halo’s multiplayer, teammates will make voiced call outs. The Covenant will have conversations. The audio team has worked very closely to make the game a grand success.

Platforms: Xbox One , PC Games

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