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Happy Wars

happy wars happy wars Happy Wars Titled Hero Art

Happy Wars

Happy Wars is the first free to play multiplayer game that can be played online at Xbox Live Arcade game. The game has been developed for X Box 360 by Toy logic. This is a role playing strategy game that is interesting.

All about the game

Happy Wars is an online multiplayer game that is also defined as a strategic role playing game. It has a single player mode as well as a multiplayer mode where 15 players can play at a time.

How the game is played

The teams attempt to destroy the opponent team’s castle while also protecting their own castle. The players can choose from three classes which comprise of the Warrior, the Mage and the Cleric. There are subclasses as well. Though there are other classes, these three classes are implemented well. Each class has a special base attack  and different kinds of skills and abilities that are available to each player as he gains new levels. Each class has a unique team skill where players can gather their teammates and allow the casting player to use powerful skills,

Purchase of items

Happy Wars have various items that can be purchased either by playing the game or through the help of micro transactions that allow the items in the game to be purchased with Microsoft Points. There are various items in Happy Wars that can also be purchased only with the help of Microsoft Points. They are various powerful items that help the players to start the game with a great head start. New maps and new items would be upgraded in every 1- 2 months as per the developer

Happy Wars is one of the best casual multiplayer games in which a number of players need to control comical characters in fun battles. This makes the game really fun and interesting as well and kids would love to play the game.Happy Box would also be available on Xbox with Cross platform support  on Xbox 360.The game has received a number of positive Reviews .Players who pay for the additional content will definitely have an added advantage over the rest of the other players with different features, themes and backgrounds.

Platforms: Xbox One , PC Games

Purchase Link ( PC ) FREE
Purchase Link ( XBox One ) FREE

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