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Hawken is a free to play mechanical FPS that has been developed and published by reloaded games.Hawken is a whole way to play your favorite game this is a multiplayer first person shooter game developed for PC.

What is the game all about?

Hawken is a first person shooter game which places you inside a mechanized war machine on the battle field of a dystopian world called Illal.it is a game filled with various strategies and the fast play mode. Hawken features various features like incredible landscapes, customizable and mechanics that can be upgraded, and a great user experience across various kinds of game modes.

How to play the game

Hawken offers the pilots numerous mechanics in three different weight classes that comprise of various kinds of distinctive roles on the battlefield. You need to find the mechanics that match with your play style and then study the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy mechanics in the guide. Players can changed their arms and ammunitions to customized mechanics and upgrade them as well. You can switch your primary weapon for a better weapon that has been suited for your skills and temperament. You can also gain an edge over your competitors with various kinds of useful items. Players can explore various maps .The map shows the various places of interest for every game mode, screenshots, and game play tips and various other things.

The progressive guide

In order to progress in Hawken, the players must get the most from their mechanics and they must work well in order to increase their pilot skill. The player would have to assume the role of the pilot within a battle mech that has been armed with various cannons and missile weapons. These machines are equipped with booster jets that help them to travel faster and move in short jumps. Many of the players have unlimited weapons which are prone to overheating if they are fired very frequently. Overheating will shut down all weapons and players would then have to find a safe place for protection. You can also choose between alternate weapons, upgrades and equipments for all mech types so that you can match up to theory play style

Platforms: PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , PC Games

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