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Hyper Void

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Hyper Void

Hyper Void is a 3 D shooter video game that has been developed and published by Inframez technology. The game was released for Play Station 3, Play station 4 and X Box One. A version for Microsoft Windows is also being developed soon

The Game play

Hyper Void is a 3D shooter video game where RM 24 which is a combat spaceship is armed with three different weapons that can simultaneously be fired and are assigned to three different buttons. The weapons vary in damage, rate of fire and bullet speed  and all of them are known to consume energy from a shared source of power  that recharges over the time. The game requires the player to think before shooting rather than just aiming  and holding the fire button indefinitely. The movement is restricted to sideways only in this shooting game. Combat can occur in a variety of environments among which the most common are inside cross dimensional wormholes which are represented as dynamic twisted tubes that comprise of kaleidoscopic visuals in deep outer space in different galaxies. The different challenge from wormholes comes from any unconventional sides and in many cases in closed circles or other shapes, sometimes forcing the player to fly flipped upside-down. Some wormholes are also indistinct and thus players cannot aim on the holes properly

The different kinds of enemies

There are various kinds of enemy encounters that vary in type as well as size. Common enemies can be destroyed with a few good shots if they are well timed and shot in one single direction. Shots come in a number of different patterns and wide variety of numbers. Different enemies exhibit different kinds of behaviors and characteristics like explosive tracking mines, missile pods, teleporters, magnetically charged bombs and much more. Another class of enemy is known as the bosses that appear in various levels and are a great threat to the players. Bosses are known to often follow certain patterns of attack and require the player to discover their weakness before they are actually defeated by the player.

The IPA virus

The IPA virus is the final class of enemies that forms a cloud of matter that infects the player’s ship and causes various kinds of negative effects like graphical corruption, loss of charges in the weapon. Hyper Void comprises of 29 levels organized in 3 different galaxies and at the end of the galaxy you need to encounter the main enemy of Hyper Void which is the IPA virus.

Platforms: PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , PC Games

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