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Invisible is a turn based tactics stealth video game that incorporates  the various kinds of elements of rogue like game play, which has been developed by the Canadian independent studio Klei entertainment in the game.

What is the game all about

In the Invisible game the players acts as a remote operator for an agency that is under attack from a multinational corporation and directs different kinds of agents in covert missions by acquiring different kinds of resources and support in order to enable relocation of the agency’s computer system  in a limited amount of time. The game was available for playing in Microsoft Windows, and OS X  and Linux as well.

invisible game views invisible Invisible invisible game views

How to play the game

Invisible is a tactic based game that has been inspired by the game X Com.The player would have to take on the role of an agent handler in the game For covert operations and has three days to prepare for the final mission.The player would need to perform various missions all across the globe  to retrieve and accumulate all kinds of information, equipments and personnel within the limited amount of time that would be required to travel and missions  within a period of three days.The player selects two agents to perform these missions to initiate  and can also free the other agents during missions  if an agent dies during a mission.

invisible game views2 invisible Invisible invisible game views2

How are the missions played

The missions are played in a turn based manner and each agent has a limited number of action points that allows them to move , open and close doors, take out guard silently, and perform many other kinds of tasks.The interface also allows them to disable arms and security cameras in order to remove locks.Once the players have completed all their turns  and an enemy force moves on  an alarm is raised  and new security forces and threats would arise and this would make the mission more difficult, and complex to play.There are many stations that allow the player to purchase upgrades or equipments  so that the agents can play the game  and collect more game money.Invisible has a larger meta game aspect and the player needs to complete certain goals  that can onlock various agentswith different kinds of skill sets to begin more missions and more levels.


= Game information = 

First market roll: May 12, 2015
Developer : Klei Entertainment
Platforms: PlayStation 4 ,PC Games

Purchase Link ( PC )
Purchase Link ( PlayStation )



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