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Rain world


Rain world Rain world Rain world Rain world2

Rain world- treats to the players

The rain world game is a very nice game, which is designed very nicely and carefully. The game is really a treat to the gamers. The game has got various levels and can be played by various age groups. The game is based on survival and is a very interesting game, which is appreciated by many.

Rain world Rain world Rain world

Facts about the game

The game is basically based on survival. The player reins a part-cat, part-slug creature to continue to survive a hostile, neglected world where the player will be searching for his family. The game is developed and created in such a way that the players will definitely find interest playing the game. Various twists and turns are present in the game, which is really very interesting and good. The game has got various levels and modes. The rain world game is supported in the platforms of PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows. The game is a single player game and is an amazing game. You will feel everything real about the game. The developer of the game is Video cult and the publisher of the game is Adult Swim. Joar Jakonsson beautifully designs the game.

Rain world Rain world Rain world3

Latest news

The slugcat’s fight back through a drenched wasteland was not navigated properly in the game. Many players were annoyed by the design that made the direction finding really difficult for the players. In the first patch the developer Video cult has been trying to seek out these problems with some results taking place. Now the players don’t find such difficulty in playing the game. The developer has addressed to various issues that were raised by the players. The navigation problem was the main issue, which was later looked upon. The players will get a very good and unforgiving experience after playing the game. The game has got various twists and turns which is really very good for the players.


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