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Rocket League

Rocket League Rocket League Rocket League RocketLeague

Rocket League – futuristic sports action game

Rocket League is a futuristic sports action game that equips players with booster rigged vehicles that can also be crushed into balls for goals or epic saves across multiple and detailed arenas. This soccer video game has been developed by Psyonix.

The Rocket league game play

Though the game has been described as soccer, it comprises of rocket powered cars.One to four players are assigned to each of the two teams and they would need to use the rocket powered vehicles to push the ball into their opponents goal and score number of points in coarse of time.The game includes single player as well as multiplayer modes and can be played locally as well as online.You can also try out Cross Platform Play between Play Station 4 and Microsoft Windows versions.Rocket League has received a number of positive customer Reviews and has also earned a number of industry awards.It is a game where professional players also participate through ESL and Major league gaming alng with the own rocket league series.

How to play the game

Rocket league game play is more or less the same as its predecessor Supersonic acrobatic Rocket powered battle Cars. Players control a rocket powered car and use it to hit a ball that is larger than the cars. The ball needs to be hit towards the opponent party’s goal in order to score points. The game replicates a soccer game where the players need to play with power cars. These cars have the ability to jump to hit the ball, while in mid air. The players also have the ability to pick up a speed boost by passing the cars over marked spaces in the field so that they can quickly cross the field and hit the ball with their momentum. A player can also utilize the boost when they are in mid air. A player can also perform quick dodges and can cause their car to jump and spin in a given direction.

How are the matches held?

The matches are five minutes long with sudden death overtime if the game attains a tie. Matches can be played from one to one or four to four players. The rocket league includes a competitive ranked online mode. Players can compete in various tiered ranks within game sessions with either victory of losses.

Platforms: PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , PC Games

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