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Skyrim is an open world action role playing video game that has been developed by Bethesda game studios. The main character of the game revolves around the player character and their quest to defeat Alduin who is a world eating dragon

The background of the game

The main story of the Skyrim game revolves around a world eating dragon that is prophesied to destroy the world. The game has been set just two hundred years after the events of the Oblivion and takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim. Over the course of the whole game, the player plays through all the quests and develops his character by improving his skills as well. The game usually continues in the open world tradition of its predecessors by allowing the player to travel anywhere in the world of the Skyrim game anytime.

How the game is played

The Skyrim is an action role playing game that can be played from either the first person or the third person perspective. The player can freely roam over the land of Skyrim which is an open world environment comprising of wilderness, dungeons, cities and towns, fortresses and villages. The players can also navigate through the gaming world more quickly by either riding horses or using the fast travel system that can also help them to travel to different locations. The main quest of the game can be covered at the player’s preferences after the first stage of the quest is finished.

What all players can do?

Players have the advantage of developing their character, by selecting their sex and choosing between one of the several races including humans, elves, orcs and cat or lizard like creatures and then customizing the appearance of their characters as well. Over the course of the game, players improve their character’s skills, which are numerical representations of their ability in certain areas. There are around 18 skills that are divided among three schools of combat, magic and stealth. When the players have trained skills to meet the required experience their character also levels up. When their character levels up they can choose a skill-specific ability called a perk, or store perk points for later use. Skyrim is an interesting game which is a must play by all.

Platforms: PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , PC Games

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