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Division Game

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The Division

The Division is an Open world online third person shooter video game that has been developed by Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment.The game has been developed for Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4  and X Box One.

About the game

The Division game has been set in a near future New York City in the aftermath of the deadly disease Small pox.The player is an agent of the Strategic Homeland division which is refered to as the Division.The player has been assigned the task of helping the group rebuild its operations in the city of Manhattan and then investigate the cause of the outbreak and combating all sorts of criminal activities This is an online multiplayer game which is exciting, adventurous and definitely spine chilling.

How the game is played

The background of the Division game takes place in the city of Manhattan where the environment has been totally destroyed due to the outbreak of Small Pox that is a deadly killer disease.The environment is free for players to explore.As a player, you would have to restore the order of the city by investigating the source of the deadly virus.The player can carry three weapons  and explosives that include sticky bombs and smart mines that can protect you from the enemies.You as a player can also hide for cover behind objects during fights  so that you are not injured.Since the game is set in a third person angle, the character model is well visible while playing the game.As the players progress through the game, they gain Experience points as well as currency.This currency can also be used to purchase weapons  and new gear .The points can also e used to learn new talents and skills.The player’s gear is divided into six levels- Worn , standard, specialized, superior, high end and gear set items and each of these gears have a specific color code.

The player’s home base

The player’s home base comprises of three wings that involve Medical, Security and tech Wing.Playing missions for a wing would help the player gain points for that Wing and the player would have access to new perks, talents and facilities at the base of Operations. Storms can hinder the player’s visibility and make aiming difficult. The Dark Zone is the player vs player multiplayer mode  that is featured in the game.

 Platforms: PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , PC Games

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