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The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian the last guardian The Last Guardian The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

The Last guardian is an action adventure video game that has been developed by the SIF Japan Studio and has been published by the Sony Interactive entertainment for Play Station 4 home video game console. In the Last guardian, players control an unnamed boy who befriends a giant who is a half bird and a half mammal named Trico.


What the game is about

The last Guardian is about a boy who becomes friends with a creature who is a half mammal and a half bird named Trico. The game has received a number of appreciations for its stylish, thematic and game play elements as well as the story direction, the depiction of Trico and its behavior.

How the game is played

The last guardian is a third person perspective video game that is a combination of mystery, action, adventure and puzzle elements. You as the player who be in control of an unnamed boy who must work together with Trico that is a giant legendary creature who is half bird and half mammal. The player would need to explore new areas and solve various puzzles. The player can climb on structures and ledges, carry objects such as barrels, and operate mechanisms such as levers. The basic focus of the game is basically the boy’s interaction with Trico who he can climb and ride on. The players initially has very little command over the giant,  but eventually they befriend each other and learn each other’s commands  and the boy can instruct Trico to perform various actions  like leaping up on ledges or heading in a certain direction. Trico and the boy have a good relation and cooperate with each other well. Tricos large size helps it to climb over ledges and reach out to places where the boy cannot reach out to. Trico can also fight off guards who actually attempt to capture the boy and captivate him. The boy also helps Trico from obstacles that he is scared of like gates, or glass eyes that frighten Trico, will prevent Trico from progressing.

What else the game involves

The last Guardian involves Barrels to feed Trico when he is hungry, which needs to be located by the boy. He also needs to remove the Spears which are thrown as Trico and calm down his pet when he is disturbed. The boy can also exercise a light-reflecting mirror that causes Trico’s tail to shoot lightning, which can be used to break wooden objects. There are additional costumes that can also be unlocked through multiple levels while playing the game.

Platforms: PlayStation 4 

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