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The Witcher Wild Hunt

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Witcher Wild Hunt game

The Witcher Wild Hunt is an open world action playing video game that has been developed and published by CD Projekt Red.It was launched for Play Station 4, Xbox One and  Microsoft Windows in 2015.This is the third game in the series that has been followed by The Witcher and the Witcher 2 Assassins of kings.

Playing the game

The Witcher Wild Hunt is a game that is played in the third perspective where players need to control the protagonist Geralt of Rivia who is a monster hunter known as Witcher whose focus is to find his missing lover           and adopted granddaughter who are hiding from a group who is known as the Wild Hunt.The players battle against various dangers of the world using their magic and their swords.They also interact with non playing characters and complete various kinds of quests  and missions  to progress through the story of the game.

The Witcher Wild Hunt

The Witcher Wild Hunt is a game where players need to sail by boat to some different locations and ride on horseback to others.You can also travel to already visited located.The game comprises of a number of quests and there different options as to how to complete them.The Witcher Wild Hunt also includes some new mechanics such as the ability to sense nearby objects , different people and resources, combat on horseback  and in sea, swimming underwater  and the use of a cross bow.Geralt can also jump, climb,  and jump over small obstacles.The game also comprises of responsive and advanced artificial intelligence  and dynamic environments.The day and night  cycle influences some monsters  and all their powers which resemble to the mythological motif of a werewolf  who get their powers during the night  of the full moon.The game also has a dynamic beard growth system  where the beard of Feralt grows  and he spends his time  in the world.

The plot of the game

The game features a number of different locations  such as the free city of Novigrad, the different swamps and the battle fields of Velen, The Skellike Isles,  and two of the Niifgaardian empires conquered territories. The village of White Orchard, and the Royal Palace in Vizima has also recently beend conquered.The new Witcher Wild Hunt game has beem typically modified with different features and better background themes and quality.

Platforms: PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , PC Games

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