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World of Tanks

World of tanks world of tanks World of Tanks Worldoftanks

World Of Tanks

The World of Tanks is a multiplayer online game  that has been developed by a Belarusian Cypriot company named War Gaming.The game is built on a free to play business model where participants can also play by paying an added fee for using the premium features.

What you need to know about World Of tanks

World Of Tanks is a player vs. player game play where each player would be controlling an armored vehicle.These vehicles include a light, medium or a heavy tank, a tank destroyer or a self propelled gun. The game has been ported to all multiplayer gaming consoles. The players of each version have a separate account. World of tanks has recently expanded to mobile platforms under the name World of Tanks Blitz. There is also a board game that has been titled World of Tanks.

How to play the game

The player would need to take control of a single armored vehicle, according to their choice and this would need to be placed on a battle random map. The player would need to control the movement of the vehicle, the firing and can also communicate  with the opponent players  through voice chat or typing messages. A random match can be won by destroying all the vehicles of the opposing team or by capturing the base of the opposing team. There are various kinds of game modes that may change the rules, but the mechanics tend to remain the same. The World of Tanks comprises of multiplayer game mechanics  like camouflage, shell ricochets, and module damage.

The modes of the game

Players can choose between six primary types of battles that include random battles, team-training battles, tank-company battles, team battles, stronghold battles and special battles. Players can also participate in platoons or groups of two or three players who may be put into the same team. There are a number of missions that can be completed in the game modes and you may be rewarded for the same. There are various kinds of vehicles that resemble their counterparts in the real life. Some of the parameters have also been simplified to fit into the mechanics of the game so that the game can be played in a convenient and better manner. World of Tanks also features designs that never existed and conjectural vehicle designs like the Jagdpather 3.

Platforms: PC Games

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